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ROBOTMAK3RS Animal Contest Winner: Menno Gorter

Every quarter, the ROBOTMAK3RS RLOC sponsors a community contest. Last quarter, builders were challenged with the task of creating a pet, a wild animal, or an assistant for the animal.   There were many creative entires including a dog, a snake, an ox and even a reindeer. The winning entry was an Omnispider by Menno Gorter from the Netherlands. Menno has a long history building with LEGO robotics systems. He is most intrigued by creating movement without wheels. Hence, a large fraction of his work involves clever robots without wheels. The result is a vast collection of insects and various walkers with Menno's unique signature style to them. His work has been featured at various events including LEGO World in the Netherlands and Denmark.  ROBOTMAK3RS RLOC interviewed Menno to learn more about his creative process and learn about how the Omnispider works. Why did you decide to build this particular model? It began when the ROBOTMAK3RS challenged the community to make an animal-like

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