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ROBOTMAK3RS Halloween Contest Winners

Every quarter, the ROBOTMAK3RS Community sponsors a contest. Our goal is to inspire our group members to build and program using one or more of the LEGO robotics sets. Our RLOC members carefully examine all entries and select the winners based on many factors including creativity, complexity, use of sensor input and more. At the end of 2020, the ROBOTMAK3RS community ran a Halloween-themed contest. The winners of the contest were Vatsal Sharda (under 18) and Patrik and Simon Dober (over 18). Finalists included: Ahmad Sahar, Lukasz Brodowski, Fashkarten Inf and Jon Lazar. In this blog, we highlight the excellent work of our youth winner to help inspire the next generation of ROBOTMAK3RS. Vatsal Sharda is a ten-year old from Houston, Texas. He has been building and programming with MINDSTORMS since he was seven. In addition to his winning project, Vatsal has made many MINDSTORMS robots including  EV3RSTORM, EV3 R3PTAR, EV3 Puppy, EV3 Printer, EV3 Boat and EV3 Color Sorter. Vatsal is also

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