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Meet Edward Young: Winner of the ROBOTMAK3RS Contest

Edward Young is a 19-year old mathematics student in the Czech Republic. He has been building with MINDSTORMS and Technic ever since he received the NXT 2.0 set in 2009. He has been creating machines of various types since then. LEGO MINDSTORMS played a part in developing his interest in math and science. Recently, Edward won the grand prize in the ROBOTMAK3RS Community Challenge for his RoBoxers design. Participants were asked to design a game using any LEGO robotics platform of their choice. Edward designed a boxing game made up of two robots. What inspired you to create this project? Three years ago there was a “battle bot” competition held by another AFOL website. I entered a video of a spinning robot with some ridiculous durability tests. I didn’t have any success then, but I really liked the idea of two LEGO robots competing with their strength and durability. So this idea stayed with me, though I never got around to it. Then I saw the ROBOTMAK3RS Game Contest and it was obvious

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