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Introducing 51515: the Next Generation of MINDSTORMS

Exciting news for LEGO robotics fans! Today, LEGO announced the newest member of the MINDSTORMS family. LEGO 51515 MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set is a 5-in-1 set for ages ten and up. Get ready to build, code, play, and rebuild as many times as you want!
The new MINDSTORMS set features five unique designs you construct using the 949 elements available in the set. Robot Inventor even features a remote control that allows you to use your own controller using Bluetooth. There are more than 50 built-in coding challenges and activities using a drag-and-drop coding language based on Scratch. In addition, more advanced users can now program in Python. This allows MINDSTORMS to grow with your child and opens up many new possibilities for adult fans as well.
The five main models are: Blast – an action hero model that stands over 36cm tall Charlie – a playful sidekick Tricky – an athlete who enjoys playing sports Gelo – a four-legged robot that can perform tricks M.V.P – a Modular Vehicle Platfo…

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