NXT will be included in the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE

I guess I'm lucky to live in Atlanta, Georgia, where the national championships for the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE are held. This year, the event will be held on April 27-29. If you've got a child between the ages of 9 and 14, check out the official website together to find out if there's a school or locally sponsored team.

From the official FLL website: "...with the help of LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Robotics Invention System™ technology, young participants can build a robot and compete in a friendly, FIRST-style robotics event specially designed for their age group. Using LEGO bricks and other elements such as sensors, motors, and gears, teams gain hands-on experience in engineering and computer programming principles as they construct and program their unique robot inventions."

Makes me (almost) wish I were young enough to participate. Maybe I'll look at volunteering.

There's also a Junior FLL organization for ages 6 to 9.

The official word on the site is that the challenges will still support the older Mindstorms products as well as the new NXT system. The official word:

"The FLL Challenge will be designed to support both the existing and new LEGO MINDSTORMS technology and we anticipate no game-related advantage or disadvantage to using either. FLL is in the process of evaluating a migration plan to introduce the new technology into FLL Challenges in future years."


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