Information about Mindstorms Education images

I've posted some images from the LEGO Mindstorms Education NXT website recently (see posts on Feb 3 and Feb 1). I was contacted today by Mindstorms Education NXT - they wanted me to be aware that the images were built from the Education NXT kit, and that these robots might not necessarily be robots that could be assembled from the retail kit.

A quote from the email: "...instructions to build them are not provided in the sets you will be able to buy in stores."

I don't see anything in those images that hasn't already been mentioned for the retail version (4 sensors and 3 motors), but there might be something internal or out-of-view that isn't available in the retail kit. But again, it was stated that these are not robots that have instructions provided in the retail set.

I just wanted to pass along that little warning... (plus a heads-up was given in the email: "... the light sensor is up next ...")


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