Intelligent Brick menu items

From one of the videos provided by Jeff at (the 2nd one from top), you can watch as he scrolls, left to right, through the various options on the Intelligent Brick:

NXT Program
My Files
Try Me

Comments on what View or My Files would be? The others, I think, are probably self-explanatory... maybe not. Then again, the options might have changed since this video was taken, too.


Anonymous said…
What do those self-explanatory menu's do?

Well, maybe 'self explanatory' was the wrong words to use...

My thoughts:

NXT Program - probably a selection list to pick the program (from multiple if memory allows)

Try Me - I'm guessing this is the launch button?

Settings - My guess is this controls things like volume, screen brightness, etc.

Bluetooth - settings for BT!

I'm probably completely wrong on all of them :)
Koshdukai said…
Did you see the BT icon on the upper left corner ? :)

What about the NXT "name" in the center ? Maybe that's the NXT's BT device name. If true, that's a big help on a multiple NXT setup using BT, to quickly know who's who.

About the menu, I'm curious about the "My Files". Maybe that's how we browse any file sent/saved on NXT memory through USB or the Blutooth's "File Transfer" service. If this is true, I truly hope that the digital protocol used in the sensor ports is flexible and open enough for a 3rd party (HiTechnic?) to make an adaptor for accessing cheap slower but bigger flashmemory cards for extra storage of data.

hmmm... I wonder what's the "View" option for ?
Koshdukai said…
AH! Maybe "View" mimics the RCX View button ?! By entering the NXT in "View" mode, the screen should be big enough to show various data about all the 7 ports, like angle/speed and direction of each motor and the 4 sensor type and real-time values.

eh :)
Yeah, that may be it... the screen is certainly at a higher resolution! Data output could be formatted to fit the screen in numerous ways, maybe even customizable.

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