My Favorite Mindstorms NXT robot (so far...)

Okay, I'll admit it - I'm already partial to one of the pre-existing robot designs for NXT. I can't wait to get my hands on the NXT system and build it, and I'll tell you why.

Because it looks like it can be fun to chase the cat or dog with... look at those front claws... it might even be fun to put under the bed and let it rush at my wife's ankles when she gets up in the morning (of course, I'll be sleeping on the sofa the next night).

The thing just looks mischievous. I can't wait to program it for various attack scenarios.

And then, of course, there's programming it for sound - barking when chasing the cat, maybe?


Anonymous said…
ya... I too have that dream of sleeping next to it...gee.. I will be full of envy for others getting the nxt this late feb...

Haha... anyone willing to sell their Beta versions to me ? -- through I doubt anyone would be....

Anonymous said…
I hope you get into the NXT developer program. I quite enjoy reading your blog. If you dont receive it, it wont be much of an incentive to continue. Likewise, many potential developers will be discouraged if they were not selected to part of the development.

Hope to have many great reading ahead.

'Easy to find followers.. hard to find someone to spearhead
Anonymous said…
you know something .. ever since I was young, I was fancinated with lego building... anything ..from building streets... to lego mindstorm building robots... Today... technology advances...and it no longer just buidling blocks. it has labview... CMU is helping it with software... I only love building lego... still I am fancinated with the NXT launch...

But seriously, I cant explain why I am so enthusastic with Lego... is it becos I can act out my fantasy, buiding spaceships....

Jum being a lego advocate, can you help explain what made lego mindstorm a success? What is it that make us go ga-ga over it?
What keep my children saying.. yes this is the toy of today, not a antique of my father's.
Anonymous said…
And to those reading..

Come support Jim...Do you all know how its like writing and talking and no-one bothering to respond ?

I'm sure there are many readers... it not Jim, me, some faithful lego guys and the computer

Leonard - Even if I dont get into the program, I just have to save more to buy the november release.
Anonymous said…
Did you notice the front light sensor is pointing down? I think it has edge detection on the front side! (could be reprogrammed to follow a line towards a "ball" to grab).

I appreciate the kind comments and thank you for the support. I started this blog for different reasons, but mainly I just wanted a place to keep everything in one place, easy to find again. I'm glad others are finding it useful.

I email Filip ( frequently and we exchange suggestions and news and such... we both enjoy looking for NXT items of interest and have a lot of plans for when we get our hands on the system.

Now, to answer a question here: What has made mindstorms such a success?

I can't speak from the LEGO side, because I'm not affiliated with the company. There are probably financial reasons for its success (being one of the lower-cost robot kits on the market) and ease-of-use reasons (come on, it's LEGO blocks!). I think the support from LEGo for the 3rd-party developers to create and sell add-ons has helped. Software developers have created numerous programming environments for the RCX brick - this has helped keep the advanced users happy by adding even more functionality.

Competitions such as FLL (FIRST Lego League) let kids see how technology can be used to solve problems - plus its just plain FUN!

All in all, I see Mindstorms NXT being extremely popular for these reasons, too. LEGO has the history of the RCX to build on - 3rd party dev's, FLL, fan clubs, blogs, software options, easy-to-use, and still very fun.

Thank you all for your comments. If you have any ideas for the blog, let me know.
NXTian said…
Yeah no doubt, the tribot is pretty versatile, but its head keeps coming off much too often whenever it bumps into something!

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