New Video - NXT and short interview with Soren Lund has links for an article and video on various robots that have recently made news. The video is nice to watch - not only for the NXT, but also for some good ideas for future robot designs with the NXT based on the behaviors of the other robots in the video. Check it out here.


Anonymous said…
The video is only available in .rm (RealMedia.) Many technical people (like myself) won't use RealNetworks products, so it's important to disclose when a video is only available in Real's format.
Sorry to disagree with you, but I know people who don't like QuickTime and others who don't like Windows Media Player. I cannot make judgements here on one format versus another... that's for someone else's blog.

Anonymous said…
I stand corrected. Counting Google hits is a poor measure of Internet consensus, but according to this metric, you're more correct than I am.

"hate real media" (1250) + "hate realmedia" (419) + "hate real networks" (249) + "hate realnetworks" (223) = ~2141

"hate quicktime" (2490) + "hate apple quicktime" (50) = ~2540

"hate windows media" (9720)

So Real scores 2141, Quicktime scores 2540, and Windows Media scores 9720.

Even if we add in file extensions (which is much more likely to unbalance results) we end up with:

Real: 3571
Quicktime: 3056
Windows Media: 11380

So consider my complaint retracted.
Not a problem. I've learned that when it comes to blogs, if you take a side on an issue, comments tend to start popping up on the side-issue and ignore the original purpose of the blog (which in this case, is all things NXT).

I hope you're enjoying the information AND looking forward to NXT's release.


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