Question 2 (of 3) for Soren Lund

Here is my second question to Soren Lund, Director of LEGO Group’s MINDSTORMS division. (See my earlier post for the first of three questions.)

Q: Has there been any discussion yet about expansion kits (like the Vision Command System)?

SL: We are always looking into how we can expand the consumer offer. It has to be components or products that truly benefit the consumers. One example is a rechargeable battery pack. This is one of the most asked for components for MINDSTORMS Generation 1 (The RCX Generation). When we launch MINDSTORMS NXT later this year we will also offer a rechargeable battery pack.


Well, there you have it - they plan on making the rechargeable battery pack available as an add-on/expansion. That's good news for all - especially those of us who dislike purchasing batteries for many reasons - economic, environmental, etc.


Anonymous said…
Great news! I wonder where the connector to load will be, and what it looks like. This is just the sort of thing needed to build a Lego docking station.
I wondered the same thing... it may simply come with its own charger and fit inside the brick like a stack of batteries.

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