Some new NXT robot variations

If you have any thoughts as to the function of any of these, please share.
Click on the image at right for a larger view with comments.

So many of these images look like variations of the same base - I'm going to take a guess and say that these may be images of some of the robot challenges mentioned in the NXT press release (18 of them). It looks like after the base is designed, the sensors are attached in various configurations to change the function of the robot.

This may be the NXT equivalent to the RIS Roverbot.


Anonymous said…
I think you are right about the base, and the functions with question marks.

Looks like 2 is about line following. It also has a rear bumper using the touch sensor, also found on some other models in the image.

When the light sensor is not used for line following, it appear to look at the color of the ball. Hit blue balls, leave red balls alone kind of thing?

All in all, it's really incredible what you can do with this set.

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