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Before NXT is released...

World Map of MDP members

NEW PHOTOS: 6-Legged NXT WalkerBot

New Information on the FLL version of NXT

RUMOR has it...

Lego Education NXT Pre-Order begins April 1

It's quiet... again...

A few items

Mindstorms and younger designers

"Shopping List" for MDP members

HiTechnic Official News Release


Post # 100

HiTechnic release image of NXT-to-RCX Bridge

Pictures explained...

The Famous Sign...

Photos of NXT on display

Bunch of items to get to today...

Back from Vacation and MDP announcement


I never noticed the BIRD!

Strange NXT device - identified??

The "Built in Under 30 Minutes" NXT bot

Lego Mindstorms Education NXT - pricing set

Some new images - Netherlands site

New NXT Blog - it's in Spanish!

New NXT Blog - it's in Portuguese!

Some new images from HiTechnic - Compass