It's quiet... again...

My apologies to all of you who keep checking in... there just doesn't seem to be much public news in regards to Mindstorms NXT. Image and video resources seem to be non-existent at this time. I check all my regular reference sites daily (and frequently throughout the day) and you can almost hear the proverbial pin drop.

It's still over a month away before the MDP team will be allowed to begin sharing, and believe me... I'm just as anxious to start sharing as you are ready to listen.

One small bit of news that I can share is that I've had a book proposal accepted. I can't provide any more details right now other than to say it will be geared to the 10-16 age range. I'll try to share more info later as the book progresses.



Anonymous said…
That book proposal news is great! Do you have any idea already about its (intended) delivery time scale?
Well, I'm supposed to have the final chapter in by mid-September. I don't know how long it takes for the book to be printed, shipped, and on the shelves. I'll ask and see what they tell me.

Anonymous said…
In the interest of blogging about everything NXT, I came across this site that has a desktop wallpaper and icon set dedicated to the NXT.
(scroll down to Icons | nxt LEGO)

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