Lego Education NXT Pre-Order begins April 1

35 DAYS... and counting...

The Education NXT blog has announced pre-orders for the Education version of NXT will begin on April 1. They are still holding to the August 1 ship date.

Read the official announcement here.


Anonymous said…
Jim, you may be unable to comment on this, but in the pre-pre-order offer I got, LEGO said they'd begin shipping July 1. See my post here.

As I understand it, you are purchasing the retail version which will ship July 1. The Educational version which starts pre-orders in a few days will ship on August 1... Lego is offering the pre-order of the retail version to those who applied for the MDP.

But you are correct, the email that I've seen copies of indicates they ship on July 1... 3 months instead of 4... not bad.

Peter Hoh said…
I'm not feeling the urge to put a $250 charge on my credit card -- not for something that won't ship for 3 or 4 months, anyway. Though I'd like to be first on my block. Hmm.

Any idea if the education version and the retail version are likely to be similar, identical, or different? How did this play out with the previous generation of Mindstorms?

If NXT is going to be offered in mass market stores, then I can get it for 10% off with my Target reward card, so that more than makes up for having to pay sales tax. And if the Lego Store at the Mall would allow me to apply the purchase to my Lego rewards card, well, that would be sweet.

So I guess I'm looking for a reason to think that the education version is going to be different (and better??) than the retail version. Will it come with a different software package, for instance?

The retail and Education versions do differ. One major difference is the Education version comes with converter cables that allow for the older RIS sensors and motors to be used... AND... it is supposed to come with a rechargeable battery unit.

Also, the training material is different, but in what way, I do not know.

And finally, I read or heard someone state that you can't just call up and buy the Education version... you have to provide some sort of proof you are in the education field.

Anonymous said…

I applied for the MDP, but didn't get accepted. I did get the rejection email and registered for the pre-order notification.

Last week (on 24th March) I received an email invitation to pre-order, which was scored by my ISP as spam and my email client suggests that it is an "email scam". (I guess because it's in HTML and links to pictures on the Lego shop website.)

So yes I phoned up and ordered but, this being the UK, Lego are only shipping the NXT kit in September.

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