New Information on the FLL version of NXT

The Education NXT blog has posted some good information regarding the NXT Education version and the FLL version that will be for sale. Check it out here.


Koshdukai said…
"[...] These [converter] cables may also be used to connect the updated light and touch sensors that come with the FLL Robot Set ‘Mindstorms NXT’ to an RCX intelligent brick. [...]"

So the converter cable works both ways, converting old motors and sensors to be used with NXT as well as some new sensors to be used with the old RCX.

hmmm... interesting.

oh, btw, I found something new (to me at least) about the NXT screen: Check this "old" episode of DigitalLifeTV CES Special. To see the NXT segment, jump to 00:57:03

That's something I've never seen before: The NXT screen has a heart blinking, so this gives me some hope about the screen control with the standard software.

...on the other hand, it could be only a basic feature, like loading at the start of the program a static or optionally blinking bit-mapped image with no individual x,y pixel control of the screen.

Maybe both are possible... only time will tell ;)
Yeah, I posted about that video a while back, but I never noticed the heart.

All I can say is "Good catch" and "You won't be disappointed."

Thanks, Koshdukai.

Koshdukai said…
oh, you did ? Oh well, and I thought I saw every mentioned video, eh :)

Well, not being disappointed is always a good thing, so thanks ;)
Yeah, I remember letting it run for almost an entire hour to watch that little bit... but I guess at the time it was worth it...
Anonymous said…
Look at the robot you placed next to this item.

it has a 9 volt light at the sensor location... => thus it must use the converter cable. I wonder if it is in the set or not ?

That image was taken from the Mindstorms Education NXT site... the bots that can be built from the Ed version do differ slightly... many of the photos show bots that are in the Education NXT curriculum that will also differ from the retail version.

Peter Hoh said…
I've been wondering about the $30 difference between the Education NXT and the FLL NXT. From the site mentioned in this post, I gather that the FLL NXT includes software ($42) and an education resource set ($59).

So it seems that for the extra $30, you get $101 in stuff. However, you do need to pay your FLL registration fees in order to qualify for the FLL NXT.

I'm still unclear if there will be a retail version of the NXT that will be yet different than the Education NXT.

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