New NXT Blog - it's in Portuguese!

I received an email from João Campos, from Cascais, Portugal. He has created a new blog dedicated to NXT. It's in Portuguese, but I wanted to mention it because I think it's awesome that so many people, in so many countries, are excited about the new NXT system. I'm certain we'll start seeing many more blogs on NXT, in many languages, very soon.

I'd like to know where all my readers are from... please comment and tell me where you are. I've received emails and comments from India, Belgium, and Portugal. Who else is out there?



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Anonymous said…

I have a not-frequently-updated Mindstorms blog, too (who doesn't :]).

Robot Challenge
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Anonymous said…

Singapore , Asia
Anonymous said…
Hey everyone. I have added Portuguese and Spanish feeds to Any other languages or sites I should be aware of? Just leave a note on my blog.

Peter Hoh said…
I'm in Minnesota, USA. I guess I'm the odd one here, as I never really warmed to the first generation of Mindstorms. I like mechanical things more than electronic things. I use the Dacta 1030 sets in some of the classes I teach, and I really like what can be done with that set.

When the NXT comes out, I'm going to give it a try. A neighbor and I are thinking of starting a FLL team at our elementary school. I like the idea that the kids will be able to build and program a model within a short period of time. That kind of initial success is crucial for generating the kind of enthusiasm that can sustain a kid through a difficult challenge.
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Vaibhav said…

Is there anyone besides me who is posting from India. I would love to know that, so that I can get in touch with them locally as well.
sush said…
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Sudhanshu Sharma,

Please just include your name and email address. We don't encourage comments of a marketing/sales nature... thanks.


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