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A reader (Tomas G.) was nice enough to direct me to Eirik R. for information on these pictures. Here are some of his comments:

"The event was the Scandinavian FIRST LEGO League project leader meeting in Aarhus, Denmark. On the second day of the meeting we were gathered at The Steno Museum (The Danish Museum for the History of Science and Medicine), and Søren Lund from LEGO came to talk about the NXT. He demonstrated the new ROBOLAB software, talked about the new sensors, showed them in action, showed us how to control the NXT using a mobilephone and Bluetooth, talked a bit about the new motors, answered questions from the audience ...

The first picture in the set is the entire group of project leaders (plus the administration from the Scandinavian FIRST branch), the next six pictures show Søren talking and demonstrating, the next seven pictures show different FLL project managers playing around with the NXT, and the last pictures are just pictures of Aarhus and the Steno Museum."

Thanks, Eirik, for the information. And if you have time, please add some more comments for my readers - maybe some of your personal comments about what you saw and your first impressions on NXT.


Anonymous said…
I just found a small page of NXT comments and images on a site in Australia. It is only general impressions of NXT but it has some great photos and closeups I have not seen before. The article seems to be aimed at younger kids rather than big kids.

The URL is:


Dave Breaker
db14cb14 at yahoo dot com

Thanks for the link!! That's a nice writeup on the components, and you're right... some good closeup shots are there.


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