Some new images from HiTechnic - Compass

Steve at HiTechnic emailed over some new images for the HiTechnic Compass. One is the inner circuitry and the other is with the outer shell. This compass will be for use with the NXT system and an August 2006 release date is expected (to coincide with the NXT release).

Steve indicated that this may not be the 'final' look of the production shell, but it'll most likely be close - it's a good match for the style and look of the LEGO sensors, don't you think?

Filip has a good discussion on the workings of the compass over on his site... be sure to check it out.

And if you like what you're seeing from HiTechnic, be sure to email them a short note and tell them... they're also interested in any sensor/add-on ideas you may have.

Thank you, Steve and crew at HiTechnic, for the pictures and news.


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