Strange NXT device - identified??

In an earlier post, I included an image of a strange device (image below) created from the NXT components. I had forgotten all about it, but I was contacted today by someone (who will remain anonymous) and told it is a 'music system' or DJ-style device. I cannot verify this, obviously... but the source is a good one and was able to provide a few other details to me to verify 'hands-on' experience with the system.

Interesting... the Brick comes with a single speaker (I believe), and as far as I know, the LabView software doesn't have a built-in mp3 player... but who knows... there are stranger things built with RCX than could have ever been predicted. We'll wait and see...


Anonymous said…
Actually, that would be so cool. You could change the sound by moving in front of the sonar sensor, add in some other stuff like drums by hitting the touch button, or use it to "forward". You could use a motor as a dial by measuring the angle the user turns it to. You would have to build software to make the motor compliant, otherwise the motor and you won't work together as expected, but I imagine that isn't hard to do at all with the Mindstorms software. You could use a motor to rotate some lights, another to rotate some disk (just for appearances sake). And using a rotating disk, and combining that with a bit of compliance logic, you could actually "scratch" the disk, making the sound go forward and backward as you turn the disk manually. Release the disk, and it starts turning forward again.

I doubt that LabView supports MP3, but I do expect them to support WAV files. Converting one into the other is not a hard thing to do.

Wow. This one really got me going!

Anonymous said…
go to go to the lego mindstorms site

and click make a classic clock and sound machine i think thats what it is.
You're looking at a really old posting... the device was identified about a month ago when LEGO released the new plans :)

Anonymous said…
It's okay... there's just a lot that's happened in the last 6 months... plenty to catch up on...


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