"The NXT Step" blog will be 'on vacation' from March 3rd to March 12th. Please note that I have turned on the "Moderate Comments" feature to prevent any abuses. I'll review any emails and comments received on March 13th.

I do not know if I will have email/Internet access while gone, and to be honest, I'm looking forward to a week without the cell phone and email.

Rest assured, "The NXT Step" will return. I'm certain there will be more information and news released on NXT - your best bet is to monitor Filip's blog for any updates.

The plan was to leave for vacation tomorrow (4th), but my wife wants to leave early. So I'm signing off (for now). Thank you to all my readers for your interest and comments.



Vaibhav said…
Have a fun time. Hopefully by the time you get back, some of us would have received our NXTs...

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