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Photos from MUP/MDP meeting in Atlanta

Saturday's MUP/MDP meeting

Close-up of the Differential

Monday - May 1 - Can't Stop the Signal

FLL - Posting 9

FLL - Posting 8

FLL - Posting 7

FLL - Friday

URGENT clarification

FLL - Posting 6

FLL - Posting 5

FLL - Posting 4

FLL - Posting 3

FLL - Posting 2

FLL Today - Posting 1

FLL Today - Updates to Come

Wallpaper available

The Official Website has a new tab...

Plans for The NXT Step...

Slow news day...

Some images of NXT from Maker Faire 2006

One more week...

3000 NXT units being sold PER WEEK?!!!

Some of the NXT marketing material

Maker Faire to also demo Mindstorms NXT

What do you want to see?

NXT Software News

Blog Stats for Month of April

Maker Faire to demo Microsoft software to control Mindstorms

Dear LEGO, ...

Some thoughts and comments...

The coming weeks...

FAQ being put together by MDP... get your questions in.

System Requirements for Education NXT posted...

So quiet you can hear a pin drop...

Some updates on the Robotics Academy site...

Mindstorms NXT books coming...

What NXT kit would be complete without it...

LegoFactory making some changes

More details on book

Where do you get your information?