Billund is watching!

I have recently begun using Google Analytics (thanks to Filip, at to track my blog and readership. Apparently I've got a couple of readers from Billund checking out the blog (see image below). Knowing that LEGO is checking in now-and-then, I invite you to submit some questions via the comment tool - maybe you'll get lucky and get some responses direct from Billund!

As for Google Analytics, here are some stats:

* I'm averaging between 150-200 visitors per day (and growing)
* 75% of my visitors are returning visitors, 25% new
* Previous visitors from all continents except for the North & South Poles
* April 1 - 4: 631 unique visitors
* March 1 - 31: 384 unique visitors

This map image is from this morning, April 4, 2006


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