The coming weeks...

15 DAYS... and counting...

Some random comments and thoughts:

1. May 1st is just around the corner. I'm still taking questions from my readers to submit to the MDP Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ). The list is growing with your questions and others', but please don't hesitate to submit more. They can be complex or extremely simple (there are plenty of both in the current list). Add a comment here with your question(s) and I'll make sure it gets in there.

2. I currently know of 3 books being written for the NXT. I don't know details of the content (other than my own), but I can tell you that there is EXTREME interest in more books. After you get your hands on the NXT, if you've got a great idea and a solid book proposal, I encourage you to submit it. Book publishers that I am in contact with are still looking and have plans for more.

3. I've got a good list of MDP websites and blogs that will be published on May 1st. As new ones are found, please let me know so I can add them to my list of LINKS. The MDP forum will still be active, so I'll try my best to find more sites, pictures, videos, etc. to post for you.

4. April 27-29 is the FLL International competition. I'll be there, along with a handful of other MDP/MUPs. I'll have my digital camera and will take pictures. I've heard a 'rumor' that NXT will be demo'd - if so, I may have some pictures/videos to release BEFORE the May 1st date. Just a few days, but you'll get the advanced look here if I can manage.

5. I'm going to try and get some interviews in with any LEGO representatives that make an appearance and will post the Q&A's here. I may also be able to get some time to talk with other MDP/MUP members if they're willing to discuss the NXT.


Anonymous said…
Hi Jim!
I am checking in on youre and Filip`s blog every day (i live in Norway)!!
Do you know if it is true that it is three lamps in the NXT Education base set?
How long does the rechargeable battery last (work) before it needs recharging?
Please answer me if you know it!
From Andy.

I will try and find answers to your questions... but for now, I do not know how long the recharge pack will last. It's hard to determine things like that because motors tend to eat up electricity faster than some sensors. If you're running a bot that is heavy (in terms of weight) and has a lot of motor activity, I'm sure it will use the battery pack faster than a small, light weight bot with one motor or one sensor.

As for the 3 lamps in the Education kit, that's the first time I've heard of that. I'll see what I can find out, but I think 3 lamps may be a bit much.

Anonymous said…
The Lego Education site definitely says that there are 3 lamps in the NXT Education base set. See here:

Anonymous said…
How many different colors can the light sensor detect?

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