Dear LEGO, ...

Dear LEGO,

So, you want to "... do for robotics what iPod did for music?" Well, I have some ideas. And they come directly from my enjoyment of my iPod. Here they are:

1. iPod comes in different versions (Mini, Nano, Shuffle, etc.), all with different pricing levels. Maybe the NXT could benefit from different kit sizes and pricing. Not everyone can afford the basic retail kit, but the NXT-Mini has a nice ring, doesn't it? And I'd love a black Intelligent Brick.

2. iPod has THOUSANDS of 3rd-party add-ons available (headphones, external speakers, cases, etc). Encourage 3rd-party developers to offer more add-ons than the previous RIS kit. Do this by offering to promote and sell them on the official site (see #4 below).

3. Apple seems to never stop re-inventing the iPod. Keep NXT moving forward by offering new sensors, new motors, and other new components.

4. iPod has an official discussion forum. NXT needs its own website with forums, support, and community, separate from the LEGO 'brick' community.

5. iPod, via iTunes, offers occasional free downloads of music. Consider offering an occasional free PDF file with directions for building a new bot and its corresponding .rbt file.

6. Apple markets the iPod very heavily. The NXT needs some advertising of its own. Word-of-mouth will work, but consider some well-placed advertisements in some appropriate magazines and television markets.

7. Apple gives away computers to schools. Find science teachers and put some NXT kits in their hands.

8. There's a monthly magazine dedicated JUST to iPod! How about a quarterly magazine for the NXT? You've got the MUP/MDP community as immediate contributors. I look forward to getting my WIRED magazine every month... I'd feel the same way about NXT Quarterly.

9. iPod always sells out for Christmas and people get upset. You've got 3-4 months between the release of NXT and Christmas. Make sure you can meet the demand. (Oh, and FREE SHIPPING is always a nice idea for Christmas orders.)

10. Your best sales tool is the existing customer base. Take care of us, and we'll take care of you. Never be afraid to ask us what we think. And thanks, in advance, for a great and fun time.



World's World said…
Yes, for sure, i am for each of them!
An NXT portal is more than required, our we developers will have to take the initiative.
Anonymous said…
I like it. My favorite is the "black NXT" The NXT looks much better on my computer when I make it negative.
Anonymous said…
i like the one about free building instructions! i just got my NXT and have been poking around on the internet for ideas of what to build– the alpha rex and the roboarm are both so complex they are hard to troubleshoot(i couldn't get my alpha rex to walk–it just slid its feet back and forth)
some other models from LEGO that work with the mindstorms NXT software would be nice...
my one complaint is that the NXT only comes with printed instuctions for the quickstart model– i had to put my computer on the floor to build the models

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