FLL - Posting 2

LEGO had a booth set up to demo the NXT - they had a couple of large LCD flat monitors running continuously, showing snippets of the software on one and a looping video of the history of Mindstorms on the other. I tried to get a copy of the video, but I was told it was running off of a tape... so no luck there. Here are some photos:

1. This was a standing cutout of the AlphaRex, greeting visitors to the booth.

2. Another shot of the booth, with one of the LCD's showing a video history of Mindstorms.

3. A large fan-fold display - marketing material - for the NXT.

4. An NXT brochure - I'm going to scan all 4 sides tonight and post it tomorrow, all sides.

5. LEGO is having a drawing for a free NXT kit - the box was FULL of entries when I left today.

6. Last 2 photos for this posting show some kids enjoying the NXT - they LOVED it!


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