FLL - Posting 6

Some random stuff:

1. More pictures tomorrow...
2. Will conduct some interviews tomorrow...
3. Scans of some of the marketing material will be posted (from LEGO and LEGO Education)

4. Thanks to Steve Hassenplug's mom - she snagged me a NXT t-shirt. Very cool lady.
5. I took some photos of Bryan Bonahoom's NXT creation, but for some reason they came out fuzzy... only this one came out. Sorry, Bryan. (His creation was done to perform the FLL challenges that the RCX creations are doing in the competition.)
6. Met up with Kristie with Lego Education... got a look at Robolab 2.9... VERY cool. Will see if I can get some screenshots, but no promises.

It's my birthday, so I'm off for dinner and a cake... more tomorrow.


ps. A few more photos below...


Anonymous said…
awesome, thanks for covering this. we'll be bringing our daughter up tomorrow for her third birthday.
Well, I'll be in what they call 'The Pit' - you might be able to "sneak" back there to see the NXT table... if you do, look me up so I can ask you your impressions. Most of the NXT booth crew should be able to point me out if I'm not standing in the immediate vicinity (I'm also supposed to help monitor the practice tables - which are very close to the NXT booth).

Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday and thanks for the photo´s.. They are great.

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