FLL - Posting 7

Well, not everything went as planned. Interviews will happen tomorrow - the LEGO crew was just too busy today, with meetings and PR duties. I did manage to gather some photos and will post them with commentary, but I was unable to scan in much of the very NICE marketing material due to a failed scanner... will try again tonight or tomorrow.

In this posting, I wish to include 2 photos of the Denmark teams that were present at the FLL competition. The photo on left is the Billund team. The team on the right is from Nordborg, Denmark. Thanks to Tomas for supplying that info.

If you have never volunteered for FLL, I highly recommend it - it was extremely fun to watch and talk with the kids about their designs.


Anonymous said…
The other team is Robogenius from Nordborg, Denmark.
Best regards
Tomas Gunnarsson
Nardo FLL team, Trondheim, Norway

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