FLL - Posting 8

Some more images to share:

1. Bryan Bonahoom created this vehicle that was also controlled by Steve's remote control device (see yesterday's post). This vehicle had the same functionality (forward, backward, left, right) and the grey-handled control was given control of the front fork-lift which would raise and lower in the front.

2. Bryan with his fork-lift vehicle. Bryan and Steve were great with the kids and adults, showing off their creations and answering questions (many over and over again).

3. I have no idea what the conversation was about, but the photo was funny. During one demonstration, Steve had the 3 AlphaRex devices you see here dancing together... he used Bluetooth to have one AR "teach" the other 2 - they would "observe" the first AR for a few dance moves and then would do it themselves... fun to watch.

4. This device was one of Steve's creations, used to try and solve one of the FLL challenges. You can see that he's used the red ball as the front wheel.

5. Steve was controlling the device with his iPaq. He wrote an original program that allowed him to control it via Bluetooth. From this program, he could move it backwards and forwards, control the speed (low to high) and left/right direction. He also had the ability to control the 3rd motor's function. He could use either the touchscreen on the device OR the small swivel-control at the lower bottom of the device...


Anonymous said…
Just found an old iPAQ sitting in a closet at my office. No bluetooth inside but it does have a USB sync cradle.

Is this something that I can use with the NXT? "iPAQ H3650".

Satish said…
Awesome. Did you use .NET CF to build the pocketpc remote?

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