Information is coming... I promise...

26 DAYS... and counting...

In 26 days, you are going to be provided with a surprising amount of information on NXT. I cannot talk details, but I can tell you that I've currently collected 7 website/blog URLs and more are coming in... many of these include very detailed technical information that you'll find very useful.

I've got pictures, videos, and documents to release... so please hang in there... it's coming.

In the meantime, I'm still collecting questions to present to the MDP prior to May 1st... if you've got questions or requests, please add a comment and I'll do my best to get you some sort of answer (no promises, though - there may be limits on what can be discussed and/or released between May 1 and Aug 1).



Anonymous said…
I made a comment at the end of this post talking about the release dates for the NXT. Most of the pre-order websites have a date in July, not August.

So is the second communication "embargo" really from May to August, or just May to July?
I'm not understanding what you mean by 'second embargo', but as far as I know, the MDP is allowed to talk and release (some) info on May 1st. I don't think this is related to the NXT release dates at all... hope this helps.

Anonymous said…
By "second embargo" I just meant the potential for other limits or rules applied to what you MDP'ers can say between May 1st and the product release.

I'd just like to know if that preorder I made will actually ship on July 1st. We've been hearing "August" for some time.

Here's hoping...
I honestly don't know anything about ship dates for the NXT... promise. I hope they ship on July 1 for you and everyone else who applied to the MDP.

Anonymous said…
All preorders will be shipped July 1st, not just to MDP applicants. See the NXT Lego Shop page, and it's also mentioned in a few other locations. Only the education boxes will be shipped later (I asked them).

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