LegoFactory making some changes

I was alerted to this by an announcement on BimP - it appears that LegoFactory is changing the way its software and purchasing works. The old software required you to use a limited number of 'palettes' to design your own creations. You could then order your custom creation BUT you had to buy the entire pallete (even if you only used 1 or 2 parts from a pallette). I did download the software a while back and played around with it, but I honestly never placed an order for any of my designs...

Now, according to BimP, LegoFactory is going to allow you to buy individual Lego pieces AND increase the number of palettes available (palettes were collection of similar parts like "Trucks", "Robots", etc.). No more buying an entire palette for a few pieces... buy ONLY what you need.

I have had a hard time finding out if Technic components will be included in any palettes. If anyone knows the answer, please let me know.

It would be great to be able to add to a NXT robot design by adding on custom pieces and providing shapes and colors. I'll try to find out more information and post it here.


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