Maker Faire to demo Microsoft software to control Mindstorms

Thanks go to Tony for this news...

Apparently, Microsoft and its free Visual Studio Express application have been used to create an interface able to control Mindstorms bots:

"At this weekend's Maker Faire, Microsoft Corp. will display how a variety of innovative companies are using its now-free Visual Studio® 2005 Express editions to bring the power of code to the growing community of 18 million recreational and hobbyist developers...

Working in conjunction with LEGO, Microsoft created an application that enables the robotics community to use Visual Studio Express to program their LEGO MINDSTORMS robots to do specific commands, such as maneuvering around obstacles, and control them from their computer keyboard or mouse."

Read the complete news item here.


Anonymous said…
There is an article already on the Microsoft site where you can read about this and download the library and starter kits.

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