Monday - May 1 - Can't Stop the Signal

Maybe over the weekend, I'll be able to determine a more accurate time for when I'll be releasing the information I have prepared... there's just a LOT of information and I need to prepare it in a logical manner. I also need to verify some of the information I'll be releasing.

I've got images, URLs, blogs... and more images. I've decided to use Flickr and will post everything at once (or at least try...)

Everyone have a great weekend... see you on Monday.



Brandon said…
Great blog, I've been reading it since Day 1!

I was wondering are the MDP members privy to technical specs on the bluetooth? Will we find out more details of how to communicate with the NXT via bluetooth on May 1st along with all the other info?

Anonymous said…
AWESOME blog!!! I also have been following since day 1. As a Four year FLL coach, I will echo that straight line navigation AND consistincy are extremely frustrating. Wish I could have been in Atlanta, definately next year
Ed h
Anonymous said…
OK, I'm not Jim, but I'm also in the MDP, so... yes, at least some of the technical specifications for the BT will be released ASAP, but if you could specif *exactly* what you want to know it might help Jim or others be able to prepare an answer as soon as possible. As to the possibilitiies, well, you can see that Steve Hassenplug has already done a lot, and many of the rest of us have played around. More on 1 May... :)

Brian Davis
Anonymous said…
What is the signal? I don't understand can't stop the signal.
Sorry about that :)

One of my favorite SciFi TV shows was "Firefly" - cancelled a few years back. Recently a movie was released called "Serenity" (the name of the ship) and in it, one of the characters talked about information not being able to be kept secret - he said "You can't stop the signal" - I thought it appropriate... sorry for the inside joke.


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