New 3rd Party Sensor

30 DAYS... and counting...

3rd party sensors are going to be hugely popular for the NXT. Jake Prooflios (MUP2) over at Bot-Meets-World gave me a sneek peak at one of the prototype sensors he's been working on. (He also sent me a picture of a new motor for the NXT that supports 802.11g and can receive directions/input wirelessly - but I'm not allowed to post it just yet).

I'm trying to figure out how to upload to my blog a video he sent me of his new sensor in action. (If any of my readers have the tech know-how, please let me know. It's a .MOV file and is about 9MB in size.)

For now, what I can tell you is that the video shows a 4-wheel bot with a small sensor mounted on an angled beam that sticks out about 2 inches in front of the bot. Jake is sitting on the floor and in front of him are two small plastic containers that are sealed. You see him turn and point to one container and say "Cheese" and then he points at the other container and says "Bacon" - he opens the lids, turns on the bot and it moves towards the bacon container. He then closes the lids, moves the bacon container behind the bot, and opens the lid again. The bot turns around and moves towards the bacon container again.

Jake writes "The olfactory sensor can be programmed to recognize and locate up to 10 different scents. My new sensor can detect the smell of bacon from up to 8 feet away."

Pretty cool. Jake says the sensor will probably run around $120.00 (US$) and should be ready by August 1.


Anonymous said…

Check out YouTube you can upload the video then embedd it in your site. Google Video will do the same, but I prefer YouTube.


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