New Video, Screenshots, Software demos, etc.

27 DAYS... and counting...

I've pulled together a collection of screenshots from the new website and am including them below. These images came from the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy site.

NOTE: Be sure to watch the opening video and read about the purpose of the program. Some great images and explanations.

To watch a Flash video on using the NXT software, click here. (NOTE: It does NOT appear to fully functional yet... so you'll have to keep checking back.)

Here's some of the concepts/curriculums that will be taught. You can tell a LOT of thought has been put into this... roll over all the concepts and look to the right - you'll see some of the ideas they have on how concepts fit into the 4 categories (Math, Science, Technology, Communication)

A little more detail of the NXT software can be viewed here.

You can look at the curriculum overview here.

And finally, a video of a MazeBot. It's in Flash, so you'll have to visit the site to view it.

(For a larger view of the image, click here.)


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