Plans for The NXT Step...

5 DAYS... and counting...

Starting May 1st, I'm going to be doing quite a few things:

1. Posting information from guest writers
2. Providing small writeups on specific components within the NXT software
3. Offering a "Take a photo of..." writeup - (you tell me what you want to see)
4. Reviewing other websites/blogs
5. ???

I'm looking for suggestions for other things you'd like to see on The NXT Step ... comments?


Anonymous said…
I would like to get some type of detailed write up on the usb and bluetooth connections to the NXT system.

For example what bluetooth adapter would be the best bet to work with the system. What capability do you have using usb or bluetooth.... you know that kind of stuff.
Brian Davis said…
The MDP is compiling a list of BT dongles that have worked so far; we'll release this as soon as possible, (probably through LEGO). The good news is the list is fairly extensive.

Brian Davis

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