Saturday's MUP/MDP meeting

Present were Soren, Paal, Steve, Bryan, Mark, Peter, and myself (see photo). What happens when you get Soren and Paal from LEGO in a room with a small group of MUP/MDPers? Well, we played with a couple of the robots, obviously... and some of what we talked about was confidential... but I can share with you a few things before Monday:

1. LEGO is VERY excited about the May 1st deadline...
2. Look for major changes/improvements and continual growth on the official website.
3. Soren is taller than he looks in photos.

I know... it's not much and there's no real detail... sorry. My hands are tied until Monday.
Seriously, though - Soren and Paal asked a LOT of questions... gave a LOT of information... and listened. There is no doubt in my mind that LEGO is very interested in the MDP feedback AND the customer feedback that is sure to come. The questions asked of the group were very detailed, with a lot of back-and-forth commentary - Soren told us "don't sugar-coat it" and we didn't... but overall, I think he and Paal are convinced that we are happy with the NXT and the direction LEGO is taking. More on that next week...

In a separate post, I'm going to upload some photos (with comments) from the meeting.

In the photo :

back row - left to right - Mark, Peter, Jim
front row - left to right - Paal, Soren, Steve, Bryan


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