Some thoughts and comments...

12 DAYS... and counting...

1. I've been playing around with LDraw/MLCAD - you can probably guess why. It's probably a good time for you to download, install, and begin to experiment with them if you aren't already doing so...

2. VEX has been bought by Innovation First... great news for the robotics community. LEGO might want to take a look at VexLabs and the way they present the 'extras' and add-ons in one easy-to-navigate site. is great, but it's a bit crowded and can be difficult to navigate. I'd like to see a just for NXT parts and supplies. Comments?

3. If any of my readers have pre-ordered the NXT kit and are not blogging themselves (or don't have a website to post info), I'd like to ask some of you if you'd be interested in writing up your initial thoughts on the kit (when it arrives) and posting your comments here as a guest writer. Maybe include 1 or 2 photos, too. Let me know if you would like to contribute.

4. I've figured out my first purchase for my NXT kit come August... it will be the Education Resource Kit... 671 extra pieces - connectors, wheels, gears, beams, etc. If you're only buying one NXT kit, trust me - this will be worth the extra US$60.

5. While I don't anticipate needing any extra motors or sensors right now, I have to give LEGO credit for offering these extra parts at very reasonable prices. An extra motor is US$17 and a touch sensor is only US$15. If LEGO can expand its range of sensors and maybe some different motor options/shapes, the NXT is poised to take the lead for home robotics. (That's my opinion - but I do believe that cost and ease-of-use are huge factors in the success of a home robotics kit, and LEGO/NXT seems to be keeping that in mind. I'm speaking of US$, so please don't flame me about the non-US pricing... I have no control over that.)


Brian Peiris said…
unfortunately LDraw parts don't yet include the newest technic pieces, still great for experimenting, but I wouldn't expect to be able to build virtual NXT robots anytime soon.
Also, your comment on NXT extras, the Rechargable battery looks tempting as well ( ) and at 48USD it'll probably pay for itself within a couple of months.
Yes, the recharge will be nice, too... but you do have to add in the US$23 for the wall adapter.

As for the newest technic pieces not being available yet... hmmm.... ;)

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