Some updates on the Robotics Academy site...

20 DAYS... and counting...

There are some new images on the site... including some closeups of the brick on the "NXT Hardware" page. You'll also find a nice video on the "Sample Investigation" page.

Some issues, though: [I'm sure this site is 'under construction,' so most likely these will be fixed soon - Jim]

First off, it loads WAY TOO SLOOOOOOOOW.... almost 1 full minute to load the splash screen.

The "Product Navigation" screen also does not appear to be fully functional just yet... most of the buttons along the top (Construct, Contemplate, etc.) don't do anything. As for the video, it says to click "Start - Lego Mindstorms" and then shows the mouse doing so... but why not simply click the "Lego Mindstorms" shortcut icon on the desktop??

The second step says "If your class if using profile..." and should read "If your class is using profiles..."

What is the POP POP POP noise in the background when the video is showing the new program being named?

It says to "Click NEXT to continue on with this lesson" but the NEXT button does not work.

On the Helper page, none of the downloads are available (PDF or PowerPoint)


Andrew B. said…
I see the mind of a tech writer working. ;-)
Yep... can't turn it off.

Anonymous said…
The "pop pop pop" is a typewriter sound, that's supposed to tell you that the user is typing something. That's just like the clicking sound when the mouse button is clicked. It's a stupid sound, but the idea of telling you when input is happening using sounds is a good one in principle.

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