What do you want to see?

Keeping in mind that there may still be some limits to what I can share on and after May 1st, I'd like to ask you - what can I share with you on May 1st?

I'll be honest - the FAQ list on the MDP forum just doesn't seem to be getting responses. I obviously can answer some of the questions, but many of the technical ones are still waiting for a response... maybe in the next 10 days the FAQ will start to get some attention.

That said, I've got a digital camera and a substantial amount of Flash memory... what do you want to see?



Dreadknot69 said…
My son and I are relative newbies when it comes to this stuff. I know that we would really like to see more detailed shots of how things connect in this 'new' studless system. I'd love to know what types of pieces, joints/structures that we should begin learning to use. (For example, can we use Bionicle pieces with this easily?)

Thanks in advance for any help.
Anonymous said…
Any Technic sets from the last few years are mostly studless. I'd recommend building them for some unique ideas about how the studless pieces fit together. And if you get those, you'll have a good set of parts for NXT robots.

Personally, I'd like to see videos, if you're able to obtain them, Jim. The NXT set doesn't have that many new pieces... so I'm mostly interested in the performance of the new motors. How fast can they make a car go, how loud are they, etc.

I think it's easier to judge these things with videos.
Anonymous said…
I am new on this, great blog.

I did some research and found that several models (and references in books) talk about pluging 2 motors to the same RCX output, but I guess the new connectors in the NXT set does not not allow this, so my question is, will this be possible whith the original set or should we wait for a plug spliter or something like that.

Anonymous said…
Hey Jim!
i am checking in on youre (and Filip`s) blog every day and i am responsible for the biggest dot in norway from youre map over visitors!!
i would like to see every thing that is possible to do on the NXT (robots and software etc. on video) if it is okay for you!
thank you for all the NXT info you gave me!

from Andy.

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