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Quiet, Holiday, Special Project

Closeups of the Education Bins

Line-Follower and code

Another Screen-Capture video

LEGO is listening

HELP documentation - legacy motor and sensor article

NXT jousting: temporarily on hold

NXT jousting: Early rider concepts

Intelligent Brick menu map

NXT jousting: the lance, viewed from aft

NXT jousting: a version of the lance with 15 holed head

NXT jousting: yet another lance

Philo's solution to NXT batteries

Entertaining NXT video - 7 minutes

RaSPy papparazzo

Double-Secret Project... revealed

NXT Battlebots

Gastropoda robotica (The Slug)

Demo video of software

My First Impressions posted on

Happy Birthday, Martyn!

Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

Double-Secret Project (... double-secret??)

What do you do with 10 NXTs?

Special BOT issue of MAKE magazine - LEGO coverage

Feedback for Matthias' Building Instructions

RaSPy: LDraw file and building instructions

RaSPy goes LDraw

Matthias has posted a design study

First Lego League applications now being accepted

RSS Feed

Smaller video files from Philo

Next for RaSPy...

Oops (or, "why can't Brian count?")

New videos and image

Giving RaSPy some personality

New NXT 3rd party add-on - LASER GUN!

Latest version of RaSPy

Blog Team Collaboration

Images of LEGO Education brochure

RaSPy - the story continues

Another dare... another story...

Let me introduce myself

Leaving Blogger?

We all knew it was just a matter of time...


How RoboCenter works

More Mindstorms NXT sensors on the way (video)

A MyBlock primer (with a side of math)