Demo video of software

I was asked a while back if I could use some screen-capture software to demonstrate the software... I have uploaded a (relatively) small file (2.4MB) that shows me dropping various blocks (MOVE, WAIT, LOOP, SWITCH, etc.) and how things resize.

There's no sound, but I think this gives you a good idea of how the LOOP resizes and how the blocks are dragged and dropped.

You can see the file here. Save it to your hard drive (NXTSW.exe) and give it a view.



Anonymous said…
I'm a little hesitant to run a .exe .. if you know what I mean...

Anyway.. I've been searching around for other video resources ( mpegs, avis..) to use in a dog and pony FLL recruitment presentation. Do you have of any links to cool videos of RCX and NXT robots?

thanks ( and great blog!!!)
I completely understand about the .exe... unfortunately, that's how the software saves the recording.

You can go back through my archives and pick up the videos I've referenced, but some of them might not exist anymore.

I'm expecting Brian Davis to possibly post some additional video, but that's not a guarantee.

Most of my videos that I've personally done aren't that great when it comes to quality... sorry.


Anonymous said…
Go back through you archives? Now why didn't I think of that?

Anonymous said…
Normally I'm really leery of .exe movie files.

Is there no way to convert it?
Anonymous said…
Viewed it anyway. Neat-o!
Anonymous said…
Thank you for this "Demo video".
It will be interesting for our
FLL to watch.
Best Regards
Nardo 4H FLL Team, Trondheim, Norway
Anonymous said…
Hi Jim!

Thank you for making this video. : ) Great!


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