Feedback for Matthias' Building Instructions

USA-based readers: Please offer up your comments and feedback on Matthias' Building Instructions for RaSPy. On Friday (May 19) I'll let Matthias pick the 3 submissions he feels were most useful to him (or if he doesn't want to choose, I'll do it) and I'll send (via US Postal Service) the 3 selected readers an OFFICIAL NXT button - the button says "I know what's NXT", each about 2 inches in diameter.

We'll set 3pm Friday EST as the deadline.

Jim (apologies to non-USA-based readers)


Anonymous said…
Ok. Couple of things.

a) The images are very fuzzy, and hard to see exactly which pieces are being added in each step.

b) Navigation links. The FIRST / LAST links should be below the "next / previous" links. Maybe throw in an [br] in there. Helps provided visual seperation, and aid in clicking.
Anonymous said…
I am from Europe...
Anonymous said…
You may want to give a link to the mlcad download, as well as the extra NXT parts for mlcad so that people who don't know where they are can find them.

Shoot me an email with your mailing address... I'll get one of the buttons out to you this week.

Unknown said…
Jake, Jonathan,

thanks for the comments.
As for the image quality, I'll take a look what I can do here (Kevin Clagues's LPUB is able to provide building instructions with images in POVRAY quality, but I didn't get it running so far).

Jonathan, as for the LDraw file you wish to see linked in the buildings instructions: I presently can't see the use of that, so I'd be grateful if you could delve into this (I'd rather understand the building instructions as self-contained).

Anonymous said…

For example, when I downloaded the mlcad file, I couldn't load any of the NXT pieces, because I don't have them. I happen to know where to get the NXT "pieces", but others might not, so you might want to link to the file with them.

Unknown said…

I decidedly agree that presently the LDRAW file is usable only when one knows where to find the NXT parts. Yet, this will be an issue only for a fixed period of time, for the NXT parts will sooner or later be integrated into the official LDRAW parts list.
Until then, there could be a hint somewhere (not in the building instructions, though) where to find them - however, as I outlined in another posting, the process of publishing LDRAW parts is pretty taut on behalf of the LDRAW guys, so I'm not in the position to publish them by myself (nor does I know of anybody who does at this point of time).

Be that as it may, I still don't see the linkage of LDRAW files and parts to LEGO building instructions, hence I don't think building instructions to be the right location to put LDRAW information whatsoever into.

Matthias Paul
Unknown said…
Finally, I've managed to get LPUB running reasonably and produced an updated version of RaSPy's building instructions that contains PovRay quality images and parts lists.


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