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I submitted an article to GoRobotics.net - it covers the Firmware update process as well as the brick control window (where you can see battery strength, change the brick default name, view programs and other files, etc.). Check it out here.


Anonymous said…
This interface looks sooooo much better than the RIS software! The RIS software was not suitable for any application other than very basic control. But this one looks very appealing and well though. Thank you for sharing that with us!
Anonymous said…
Quoting your article...
I have found when battery strength gets down to around 7 I start getting "strange behavior".

Can you elaborate?
"Strange behavior" is vague... sorry.

A couple of examples:

1. I bot I designed was supposed to roll at 20% power until the sound sensor triggers (loud - shout) then cut to 5%. When battery was low, the sound sensor would trigger but the motors would start-stop-start-stop-start-stop... not run continually. Replaced the batteries and it worked fine.

2. Another time I couldn't get the UltraSonic sensor to detect my hand movement at the correct distance - I had to practically cover the US sensor with my hand... replaced batteries and problem went away.

"Strange behavior" definition: When I KNOW the bot should do one thing, I've triple checked the program, and the bot continues to misbehave.
Anonymous said…
I'm assuming a battery strength of 7 is out of 10? How much operation do you get from a typical bot before you drop down that low? Minutes? Hours?

Time to start hunting for deals on Duracell...
I've never seen a 10 listed, but I got a LOT of bot-time before I saw 8... even more before it turned to 7. Hard to estimate for many reasons:

1. I tend to turn off my brick when I'm troubleshooting.

2. When testing, I (habitually) turn all motors down to low power (20% or less) until I'm happy with the program. This probably adds a LOT to the life of the batteries.
Brian Davis said…
What is shown in the battery window is the actual measured voltage, so it generally peaks out around 9, not 10. I don't test my 'bots at 20% power, and worse I've been using NiMH for the most part. The result is about two days of fairly frequent use (how's that for vague?), and then I swap out batteries. Yes, low battery levels give a lot of "strange" behavior, but generally not corrupted firmware (yeah!).
Anonymous said…
Are you taking over gorobotics? :) The last 2 post there are yours and nothing new. I like what you wrote but why didn't youu put it on your blog?

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