HELP documentation - legacy motor and sensor

I've taken a couple of screenshots of the HELP documentation provided with the NXT software. You'll notice the asterisk (*) added to the names of some of the items indicating a legacy item.


Anonymous said…
Temperature sensor too.

The existance of those blocks in the software & the note indicating that you need a converter cable really seem to lean towards the ability to 'unlock' those block's use in the programming environment. Otherwise, why include their existance in the retail version of the software.

(Or have the MDP'ers been given the educational version??)

I really hope that this is just some kind of setting to 'open' up the use of those blocks, or that they aren't even locked out at all.
I've received an email from Lisbeth with the Education NXT blog...

I'll be posting something tonight or tomorrow to go over the new information.

Anonymous said…
Thank you Jim.
Anonymous said…
My guess is that if the blocks are locked away (which I doubt), you will be able to unlock them by editing the preference file. In LabVIEW, editing this file can enable and unlock all sorts of undocumented features. You will probably have to add something like "legacy = true" to the file with any standard text editor. The exact text may be quite dificult to determine.


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