Images of LEGO Education brochure

Todd Thuma has posted some scans of a brochure put out by LEGO Education. Check them out below:


Unknown said…

I take it from the picture there will be converter cables in an upcoming kit called "MINDSTORMS Education Base Set".
Well, these ones make me drool - having the possibility to use my "old world" designs with NXT is a great prospect, isn't it?

Do you have any further information about that?
Will this kit be available for schools only?
Will these cables be contained in any other kit you know of?

Trembling with greed,
Matthias Paul
Anonymous said…
If you plan to purchase two kits, I recommend 1 commercial and 1 educational (the educational version has fewer lego pieces, a bonus touch sensor, a few converter cables, a rechargable battery and no software license).

However, that's out of price range for many people ($500 for 2 kits).

Lego absolutely, positively has to realize the market for an RCX -> NXT adaption kit, which would include a few of the converter cables and perhaps the rechargable battery that comes standard with the educational kit. I hope the MDP members impress that upon their benefactors repeatedly -- the general public wants the bits in the educational package!

They have the equipment, and there will be enough of a clamour for those specific items for home enthusiasts. It really should have been offered day 1, but alas.
Anonymous said…
The second photo sertainly makes the RCX look clunky and old-fashioned doesn't it. Insultingly so if you ask me. But I'm going for the Education version dispite what the do to insult my curent system. NQC will come out with NXT freeware, why should I pay $42 bucks?

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