LCAD parts from Philo

Check it out... nice summary of parts.

Thanks, Philo!



Anonymous said…
Is that *all* of the parts, or only the unique ones in this kit?

The list seems short for a 500+ piece set.
Yep, that's it.


No, there are many more parts that already have official names/numbers that were existing Technic pieces long before NXT. I believe this is an up-to-date list of the unique parts that were being created by members of the MDP... Philo listed those involved... be sure to thank them for their work.

Anonymous said…
Fair enough, and yes, I appreciate their work, I'm always amazed at the detail in the lego CAD type programs. I haven't downloaded the parts list yet -- is the 'pack' the complete 500+ pieces?

Otherwise... Is there a complete parts list available, or is that still in flux? I usually scour over the graphic that shows what comes in any given set. A scan of that particular page from the kits (if you're allowed to post such a thing) would be really sweet.

Thanks (as always) for all the hard work you're doing -- this blog is definitely the best source of NXT information available that I've found to date.

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