Leaving Blogger?

I'm becoming very aggravated with Blogger and am considering moving The NXT STEP. I have registered thenxtstep.com and the hosting service does offer a blogging application. I am going to investigate this option and share with the rest of the blogging team... I'll keep you informed as to any decisions that are made. Right now, I'm just looking for options.

My complaints with Blogger include: slow upload of images, NO upload of images, frequently no access to create new posts, slow service, complete denial of service for short periods of time, and then, of course, there was the earlier incident where they accused me of spam blogging and shut down my ability to post for over a week. (And the fact that I've been trying to post THIS writeup for the past 15 minutes... with no success.)

All in all, Blogger is a great way to get a blog up and going, but I'm beginning to think that The NXT STEP and its readers deserve better...

Thoughts/Comments from our readers will be appreciated.



Anonymous said…
Yes, please!

Took like 5 minutes to bring up this comment submitter, and site loads have been unbearably slow lately.
Anonymous said…

Check out pmachine.com. They have good hosting and great CMS / blogging product (EE).

I've used it, with much pleasure, on my site for a few years.
Anonymous said…
How about using WordPress?

The software is free, but you have to find a web host.
Anonymous said…
Hi Jim -

I'd suggest WordPress also. I use it for the nxtbot.com corporate LEGO blog (hosted by Yahoo) as well as my own personal automotive blog (www.drivelineblog, hosted by Dreamhost).

- Jeff (nxtbot.com)
Anonymous said…
Jim, I'm combining Blogger with my own domain name. Blogger has the ability to publish the blog to your own website. Any "down" time after that is entirely attributed to your own site. I also put all the images into a directory on my site, so no Blogger intervention there.

The thing I like about blogger is that I have no worries about software installation or maintenance.

Off course, that doesn't solve the issues you've had with spam-blocking and problems publishing. I haven't encountered a lot of those myself, but your publishing frequency is a lot higher... Also, comments still go via Blogger's own servers, but I'm not experiencing your site as slow on that front.

If you republish your existing blog to your own domain name, your newly located blog will have all those comments people left in the past. It is a true migration. HOWEVER, your existing blog address would disappear, which would leave all those links broken...

If you do switch, I'd be interested if it was a lot of pain.


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