Lego Education Pilot Program

A new program has been announced over at the Lego Education blog. Read it here.

From the announcement: "... purpose of the Pilot Program is to get the NXT hardware, software, and curriculum into the hands of passionate and innovative teachers and their students. LEGO Education is offering such early adopters a reduced price in exchange for evaluation and feedback on the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education curriculum. LEGO Education will then use the teachers’ feedback to guide future software and curriculum development. In the future, pilot classrooms may also be featured as model classrooms for educators who are interested in using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT in their schools."



Anonymous said…
Check the frontpage of my site.. There are 3 items i didn't see here yet.. It is in dutch but i'm sure if you click the links you will find out what's going on..
Sam's Mum said…
Reduced price? They should be giving it for free to beta test it.
Hi, Anne.

Good point... I would suggest that you email your suggestion to the Lego Education group. I've always received a quick response from them when I've emailed...


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