Let me introduce myself

Hallo folks,

My name is Matthias Paul Scholz and I feel extremely honored to have been invited by Jim to contribute to this blog.

Some words about me: I'm German, living in the Black Forest and for some time have been (and still am) an active developer for the Open Source leJOS project (www.lejos.org), a Java based platform for the RCX (which is most presumably the reason why I was chosen to be part of the MDP - I can only guess...).

Well, I'm looking forward to a thrilling time in this blog, hoping to transfer some of the fun we all had in the MDP so far (which is most likely similar to the fun you will have when the NXT kits are available out there finally - fumbling my NXT robot here before me - har har!).

Matthias Paul

ps And, yes, feel free to check out my NXT related page at http://www.matthias-paul-scholz.homepage.t-online.de/lego/nxt/index.html - feedback is welcome!


Unknown said…
Hm..Blogger doesn't seem to recognize URLs automatically..

Here are the clickable ones:



Miguel Navarro said…
welcome at this great blog.
i know your web page , great job.
from mexico miguel navarro

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