Matthias has posted a design study

Check out Matthias' website for a new upload - he has provided a drawing to demonstrate a 90 degree change of rotation...


Anonymous said…
If I've listened correctly, these things have an RPM of about 240.

Why do you need that stepped down 1:40? Seems like a LOT of torque.
Unknown said…

I used the great gear to attach a lever that would convert the rotation into a left-right movement of the "tentacles" of my slug robot.

As this movement should be very slow, the stepping down was on purpose then.

Yet, I agree that for other applications you would want to use a smaller gear (the design shouldn't be too difficult to change in this case).

Anonymous said…
Fair enough.

BTW, my numbers were wrong -- here is a good comparison of all LEGO motors.

The NXT has an RPM of about 170 and when loaded generates a torque of about 17 If you were using that power, you'd be generating 680 of torque. E-gads!

Good thing all you're doing is swaying tentacles!

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