May 1st blog information

Thanks to all my readers for their support. The image at left shows how yesterday went... over 1000 visitors in one day (a record - I'm averaging about 4000 per month) and the map shows the general location of all of you... the map is a bit crowded! (Click on the image to see a larger view.)


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your detail information of NXT. This blog give me a lot of fun. I am glad to be a point in your blog reader map. Are there many readers from TAIWAN just like me? cause there is a BIG spot on TAIWAN of the map. I also link and introduce your blog in my own blog. Thank you again!
Hello, Hunter.

According to my records, I had 18 different visitors from Taiwan... I don't have any details, though. Maybe some of them will see your comment and respond here.

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said…
Hi Jim!
It`s me andy (again)
There is a little dot far west in Norway (from May 1st), thats me!
Do you know how many in Norway that visited your blog on monday?
thanks for a great blog!!


According to my records, I had 24 visitors from Norway, spread out over the following locations:

Sor-Trondelag (Trondheim and Fredrikkested)

More og Romsdal (Holen)

Nordland (Hella)


Anonymous said…
it`s me that lives in
møre og romsdal, holen!;)
(and it is Fredrikstad, not Fredrikkested;)
Blame Google :) That's how the tracking tool spelled it... I'd ask them to fix it, but I'm not sure who to contact.

Thanks for visiting!

Miguel Navarro said…
Gracias por tu log, es impresionante...
Un saludo desde Cd. Valles, S.L.P. México
atte Miguel Navarro
Thank you for your great information about of NXT.
Anonymous said…
Don't know if I saw it there before, but this Blog is now linked from the official Mindstorms pages.


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