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William over at has asked me to make a regular contribution to his blog... which I'm happy to do. The first thing he asked me to write about was my first impressions of the NXT. You can read it here.


Anonymous said…
Read the article.

I was under the impression, for some reason, that the cases in all the pictures you've shown were included in the kit.

SO -- are the cases we've seen in the pictures included in the kit or is the 'storage' still left to the owner and a trip to the local hardware store?
Way back in January or February I had a post about these 2 cases. No, they don't come with the NXT. I bought them at Sam's club as a 2-pack. I like them because they are flat, have individual little boxes for separating parts, and the clasps lock them very securely.

I honestly don't know if the retail kit will come with a case... but I doubt it. The RIS didn't come with a carrying case, so I doubt this one will...


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