New NXT 3rd party add-on - LASER GUN!

Although it has nothing to do with Mindstorms NXT, if you haven't seen the commercial of the young boy building a robot in his garage, check it out here (about halfway down- QuickTime video).

The final few seconds are classic... parents, you've been warned.



Anonymous said…
That's just great!

Good video for a first time FLL coach, as well.
Unknown said…
Har har!

I wonder if the child had the laser gun in mind (or is it just a side effect of AI?)...

On a more philosophical level, one could say it's just the way mankind is fooling around with technics (yet, we do not have an insurance for the world, have we?).

Matthias Paul

P.S. Jim, I suppose Jutta will definitely like this (remember the bullet bot!) - do you intend to post the link in the MDP also?
Anonymous said…
wow I was Amazed with that, nothing better!

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